Chris Golden was born in Cleveland Ohio and raised in Eugene Oregon.  The youngest member of a musical family, he enjoyed listening to his older brothers, sisters and mother play the piano, guitar, sing and play drums from a very early age.  He began music lessons on piano at age 7 and also took an interest in playing drums soon after.  By age 10 Chris had decided to take lessons on upright bass and received classical training until age 15 when he switched to playing the electric bass.  Through his teenage years, Chris played in rock, r&b, reggae and jazz groups around town (including a top 40 cover band with his two brothers) until arriving at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Here he received a scholarship award and earned his bachelor of music degree in bass performance with additional advanced studies in jazz composition. 


After attending college Chris spent several more years in Boston touring the Eastern United States and playing gigs around town as well as giving private instruction, until eventually moving to Los Angeles.  It was here among the music scene in Hollywood that Chris' carreer as a professional musician really began to take off.  Chris can be heard performing on both electric and upright bass on several platinum and gold albums with such artists as Carly Simon, Engelbert Humperdinck and Art Garfunkel, as well as on the title track of Rod Stewart's grammy-award-winning album "Stardust." He has also done numerous TV show appearances, tours and has co-written a song entitled "Gemini" (with Guitarist Brian Kahanek) which is featured on the video game guitar hero II. 


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